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Few files to help anyone left behind. These are IPFS hosted so sometimes they load slow as its a p2p network. Reload if it doesnt start after 10 seconds. Download and backup the files because it will not last forever.

Check other gateways if you have issues Gateway Checker

God Bless!

ipfs# bafybeiemekk22kn6xtrfrsxjjzwovbydaewkabvw3upjeurheessp64cgq

ipfs# bafybeigrs3qutmtdb2tpwiihszbnc3z6krzlystat2i2sai54djnnh4py4

ipfs# QmTQi8tzrX7FuZyQxarVJ7ctBhgc96rPsdh5ChCxHgi67f

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